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361 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, Ontario


11am - 6pm



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Everything goes better with Chocolate

Just where do I begin? There is chocolate dipped EVERYTHING here.  Shelves and shelves of chocolate dipped goods: both milk and dark.  Oreos, toffee, potato chips, pretzels, pecan butter crunch, sea last butter crunch, dried mango, peanut butter, licorice, marshmallow .... I don't think I need to say more.  It's a cute cozy place and...they have delectable ice cream.  I had their burnt caramel ice cream and it was unreal, UNREAL, ya hear!

Nadine Yelp

Some of the best chocolate I have had.  Truffles are decadent and delicious.  This shop is my go to place for gifts - lots of options for kids (chocolate dipped licorice for example) and many more sophisticated options for "bigger kids" I think the ice cream is tops - a secret of the city.  You're unlikely to regret it.

Kristi Yelp

The yummiest and most diverse collection of chocolate I have ever seen!! there was so much to look at it was very difficult to choose!

John Yelp

I love this chocolate shop!  First, well-tempered chocolate of all kinds.  Second, they've got an amazing selection of stuff dipped in chocolate.  You want sour keys in chocolate?  They've got it! Pretzels? Yes! Dried mango? Of course!

Heba Yelp